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Stella Nyanchama

Co-Chair - Hands in Hands against Racism in Belgium

Nyanchama Okemwa is a Director and Co-Chair of the European Network for People of African Descent (ENPAD). She currently works as a consultant and coach at Hand in Hand against Racism, a socio-cultural organization that addresses issues pertaining to racism, discrimination, equal rights, and decolonisation. She describes herself as a pan-Africanist, afri-feminist, and decolonisation expert.

Nyanchama is a Kenyan with Belgian nationality, who has lived in Belgium for more than 27 years. She obtained two master's degrees in education and in social & cultural anthropology from the VU Brussels and KU Leuven respectively. Her anthropological research and fieldwork in Kenya focused on themes such as gender relations, male/female power relations, leadership authority and violence.

She has extensive experience in various fields: job coaching, recruitment, and placement of newcomers; decolonization as well as the implementation of a decolonial process; Human Rights and, in particular, the current European Asylum and Migration Policy, Privately, Nyanchama volunteers with many civil organisations and is a board member of Africa Diaspora Network Europe (ADNE) and Africalia